Summer Tube Strikes wreck days out and damage solicitors in Barnet

tube strike solicitors in barnet

The summer disruption to London travel continues with the threat of more tube strikes this week. This means more misery for London commuters trying to do an honest day’s work. It also means that the Rail, Maritime and Transport (RMT) union continue to wreck family days out, ruining the hopes and dreams of children on their school holidays as days out around London are cancelled.

For marketing agencies that specialise in tourism and tourist attractions in London, the latest London tube strikes pose a major problem. The school summer holidays are a vital peak visitor time for tourist attractions seeking to attract families on a day out and places like Cutty Sark, St Pauls Cathedral, Chessington World of Adventures and the London Dungeons will once again see a fall in visitor numbers on the strike days.

cutty sark days out around londonThe population of London are once again suffering and see an increasing need for government regulation to stop Labour supporting unions from holding innocent people to ransom in their attempts to influence management decisions. Once again, unions are trying to prevent the improvement of London underground from offering a night service and improving the commuter service using flimsy arguments.

The disruption means that people without a car will yet again struggle to get to work. For a business on the outskirts of London, in Barnet or Edgware, the strikes are damaging businesses they have little connection to. It is wholly unfair on a solicitors in Barnet or a company that builds loft extensions in Herts., some staff will not be able to get to work. Whilst a solicitors firm in Barnet may be able to offer employees and solicitors the ability to work from home, a loft extension company in Hertfordshire would have to delay work until construction workers can get to the location of the loft conversion.

It also means more work for local Internet marketing companies in the Barnet area that work with companies that are short staffed because of the strikes. Many small businesses may ask

telephone answering
young operator answering the calls

the agency responsible for their website to post an update about disruption to service or delays in getting back to customers as a result of travel disruption for their team of employees.

Some small businesses affected by the tube strike may need to find telephone cover for receptionists that can’t get to the office. A telephone answering service is also useful for independent professionals and single person businesses if and when they are able to take their family on a day out. They are able to take the day off from work without worrying about missing calls or losing clients to local competition and may even be able to get sales appointments booked in by a good telephone answering service.

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