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Rochester, community and metropolitan location (from 2011 built-up area), Medway unitary authority, historic region of Kent, southeastern England. It is positioned on the River Medway, eastern of London and simply above the Medway’s confluence with the Thames tidewater, and is among 3 huge adjoining metropolitan centres (the other two being Chatham and Gillingham to the eastern) that constitute the center of just what is commonly called the “Medway Towns.”.

Around the end of May and in Early December, Dickens lovers, walking players, re-enactors, Dickensian ‘characters’, as well as a few oddballs, join everyone in a Celebration to memorialize and commemorate the life of Charles Dickens. This website is right here generally for the advantage of all supporters of the Rochester Dickens Festivals, and to encourage any individual which is considering joining in the enjoyable. We have no main condition, yet keep in contact with the Celebration organisers.

It is well beneficial seeking out the cost-free readings from Dickens which occur in many locations around Rochester throughout the Celebrations. Additional details can be discovered in the brochure. Information will be in the celebration brochure, including ticketing plans, which transform from year to year. Visitors vary baseding on availability, but look out for members of the Dickens Fellowship and Gerald Dickens, the wonderful wonderful grandson of Charles.

Dickens gave us a rich selection of characters. Dodson and Fogg Sharp dealing lawyers who dupe Mrs Bardell into bringing a breach of promise to marry suit against Samuel Pickwick in Pickwick Papers . No doubt some of the Rochester solicitors dress up as lawyers representing areas from an employment law solicitor to one of a team of divorce solicitors in London. Dickens lawyer offices tended to be less well kempt in his days probably because the importance of office cleaning in London was not given the same priority.

Employment Law Lawyer
Employment Law Lawyer

Marketing in the days of Dickens was very different to the methods we now use although no doubt door to door distribution of leaflets was as popular then as now.

Fagin is the leader of a group of pickpockets in Oliver Twist. He lived with his protégées in a loft in the East End of London. Lofts such as the one he frequented would now be worth a fortune particularly if fitted out by loft conversion specialists. They made do with cheap kitchen cupboards rather than the luxury kitchens of their wealthier targets.

MP3 recordings are down-loadable to assist you on a walking route tour through Rochester around the sites Dickens frequented.

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