Premier WordPress Themes: do they have a detrimental effect on ranking?

Premier WordPress Themes: do they have a detrimental effect on ranking?


Premier WordPress Themes might be adversely influencing Download Speeds and Ranking

If your website is not on the leading web page of the internet search engines like Google for the keywords being targeted, new site visitors and potential new customers will certainly not find you. Since 2014, more individuals search on mobile devices than desktop computers. Individuals and online search engines have actually once more been affected by download rates which feed into quality scores as well as ranking.

Premier WordPress Themes provide various attributes to simplify good quality web page production. They could incorporate a variety of plugins. Inevitably, a number of the functions might not be utilized on a website however they have a damaging impact on download speeds and therefore positions.

There are several websites that can provide testing of download speeds for pages. Pingdom is one of them. Download speeds of websites firstly with premium themes and then with lite themes can be assessed.

Having tested with Pingdom, and also utilizing Amsterdam to check from as a standard, the average page size was reduced by 0.3Mb. So changing from premium themes to lite themes is a big benefit.

There are more than 200 signals that establish top website positioning on Google and they can conveniently be put in four groups:

1. Relevance

To be appropriate for a keyword search, your primary keywords ought to be included in the body text and also the underlying coding including the Page Title, header tags as well as alt tags. Including keywords in the anchor text of inbound links has a favourable effect on relevance.

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A business networking group in Chingford might use keywords like referrals, networking events and business relationships and including these keywords in the underlying coding as well as on the page will certainly help to promote the website on Google.



2. Authority or Reputation

From the beginning, Google incorporated inbound links to affect rankings. The value of each web link relies on the authority of the donating web page as well as the variety of outbound web links on that particular web page. Google still uses PageRank in its ranking formula yet from December 2013 it does not provide PageRank updates to the general public. The Moz Page and Domain Authority scores are the most effective readily available metrics of authority.

3. Quality Score

Web pages that offer a great user experience are flagged up to the online search engines by the long length of time spent on the website, the low bounce rate as well as the reduced return for further web page referrals for the very same keyword. Pages that are appealing and give top quality information will certainly have high quality scores. Websites that download and install slowly will lead to a lower quality score and also reduced ranking.

4. Digital Impact

It is normally acknowledged that sites with regular posts and associated Social Media often have greater rankings compared to those that do not.

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A builder doing fantastic loft conversions in Chigwell would do well to post new articles about new building methods, architectural advice or pictures of recent building projects on a regular basis and this will help their website to achieve higher positions on the search engines.