PHP 7: Download Speed for Websites – Improvement on its Way

PHP 7: Download Speed for Websites – Improvement on its Way

PHP 7: Precisely what you need to know

For companies with websites on a PHP-enabled CMS like WordPress, you will definitely be delighted to hear that PHP 7 has just recently been released.

Exactly how swiftly your internet site downloads and installs is very important to your company. If it takes more than a number of seconds to download, numerous potential website visitors will leave your internet site prior to seeing the services and products you are supplying.


Somebody seeking reliable leaflet delivery companies in and around London might search online for flyer distribution London or leaflet drop London and if the website at the top of the Google results page takes a long time to load, a distribution company further down the list might be the one that is chosen.


PHP 7 is still being developed and tweaked but you should be able to benefit from it in November when it is released to the public.

Twice as Quick

One of the most reliable benefits of the new PHPNG engine is the substantial improvement in performance. The team working on PHPNG have restructured the Zend Engine and have significantly boosted memory use.

The end results? It is not simply the code that will be quicker with PHP 7.

Analysis suggests that PHP 7 will definitely enhance download speeds by 2- to 4-fold: a sluggish web page that takes 6 seconds to download ought to download in about 2 seconds with PHP 7.

dyslexia - coloured overlays - ALL ABOUT MY DYSLEXIA YT

A charity working with children who have dyslexia might write about Kara Tointon’s story on their website to raise awareness of cases of Meares Irlen Syndrome or visual stress in children and if the website has photographs and videos it might be slow to load. With the imminent arrival of PHP 7 and by making use of keyword tools to guarantee a good domain authority so the website has a strong online presence, download speeds can be improved.


Super website designers in Essex are looking forward to the launch of PHP 7 and a change in a couple of settings on company websites will ensure that you will get the best out of this substantial enhancement in website performance.


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