Keywords and the Keyword Difficulty Problem – Part 1

Keywords and the Keyword Difficulty Problem – Part 1

Keywords are words or phrases that could be entered in search boxes (search terms) on online internet search engines like Google.

Every company who does business online would wish for their website to be on the first page of Google.

To get onto the first page, you should discover certain niche keywords that are ideal for your website. Niche keywords can be defined as phrases that have an above average search volume for the targeted place of a website that has the opportunity of getting to the initial page of the Google results pages for that place.

An interview coach in London might have a website with tips for succeeding at an interview, presentation skills advice and interview techniques and using these keywords could help the website to get to the initial page of the Google results and may bring in new customers.

Threshold Browse Volume

The limit search quantity that is acceptable for a website is dependent on the audience it is targeting. A global information website might choose a threshold search quantity of 1000 searches each month before creating a website focused on a certain keyword. Wikipedia is inclined to target short-tail key phrases (just a small number of words).

A website looking for customers within a certain area might think that ROI is adequate for developing a website based on keywords or phrases that could potentially deliver one additional customer per month.

Location or Area

Searches that cover a specific location have actually come to be the fastest expanding market online – presently this is estimated at 12%. A search that involves an area has a greater likelihood of gaining business online.

When you search for a niche keyword for websites in a particular area, you need information about the quantity of searches in the location and also an evaluation of your rivals for the search engines there. In addition to having the largest free database, the Google keyword research tool offers both international and national regular monthly search amounts.

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A wedding photographer in Kent might consequently think of using keywords that consist of an area like bride and groom photography in Canterbury, family portraits Chatham or contemporary wedding images in Whitstable and this would certainly help with website promotion in getting them nearer to the top of Google.


Top 10 Ranking on the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs)

Few people searching online will click on a website that is not in the top 10 results on the SERPs. 42% of web surfers will click on the very first website in the listing, but just 0.7% of surfers will choose the 11th internet site and even less, only 0.07% will choose the fortieth website. In other words, if the top website for a keyword has 600 website visitors, the 11th website will simply receive 10 website visitors and the 41st internet site will just have 1 site visitor. So websites that are not in the first 10 positions on the Google results pages will not get very much brand-new site traffic.

The Keyword Search Volumes and Keyword Difficulty Stability

It is not worth targeting key phrases that do not have any searches. The Google Keyword Planner could provide you with the quantity of searches each month for a selection of keywords.

It is likewise not worth targeting search expressions where the competition is sky high and a small company would certainly never ever be able to reach the top of Google – the keyword difficulty would be much too high.

A small firm of solicitors in London would find that the keyword solicitors is hugely competitive and using that keyword alone would mean they would have no chance of getting near the top of Google – keywords like family solicitors in Barnet, divorce and separation Edgware or Estate planning in Wimbledon are more likely to get them nearer to the top of Google.

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