The placement of sites on Google for any type of specific keyword depends upon the value of the inbound web links. But in spite of simply how well your website has been created, if the website at the top of the Google first page of results for your target keywords have much more web link value versus your internet site, being successful in Google is not likely to occur.

The greatest indicator there is of inbound web link recognition to a page is the Moz Page Authority and for a website it is the Moz Domain Authority. Total Page Authority (TPA) of a web page is the basic overall amount of its Page Authority in addition to its Domain Authority. The TPA of the site currently on the first page of Google’s search results pages for keyword phrases is the best offered screening procedure for keyword difficulty – the issue of achieving leading internet website positioning.

Keyword SEO Pro definitely assesses keyword difficulty for keywords by figuring out the normal TPA of the internet sites on the leading web page of Google for all keywords.

KSP loft conversion london loughton Essex

In the above assessment, the website in position 9 for ‘loft conversion’ has a Page Authority 34 together with Domain Authority 21.

The TPA is the signal of keyword difficulty. Loft conversion continues to be in the Red Area with a TPA 103 — SME websites do not have much possibility of contending for these high keyword difficulty expressions yet loft conversion Loughton, attic extension Essex or Velux conversion Wanstead could be more suitable, being more likely to be in the Green Area.

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An equivalent evaluation could be provided for charities specializing in dyslexia work or meares irlen syndrome. Keywords like dyslexia Dartford, meares irlen Leyton or online dyslexia testing Hammersmith are more likely to be in the Green Area for TPA.



Keyword analysis of keyword expressions utilizing Keyword SEO Pro can be provided for website proprietors and Keyword SEO Pro is also available effortlessly as a keyword research tool .