Do you have Google Structured Data Markup or Schema?

Do you have Google Structured Data Markup or Schema?

Overview of Structured Data Markup

Would you be happy if your website attracted even more interest on the online search engine results pages? If so, you ought to think about including structured data markup for your internet site.

Rich snippets (Structured Data Markup – Schema) are composed of content from a website in a manner that it is a lot less complex to see what the website is about on internet search engine result. Some people may call this Schema, microdata and Google regularly calls it Structured Data.

Structured data makes it viable to show your search results page in a more captivating way on the online search engine results pages. When a study was carried out by Searchmetrics, they found that placing structured data markup on a website led to a 36% increase in the Google internet search engine results.

Google Structured Data Markup has in fact become a preferred part of Google’s internet search engine results placing formula. Structured Data Markup Schema is the linking of as well as to produce a makeover of Google’s online search engine outcomes. When Google next scouts about the internet, its indexing program will definitely improve your markup and also make its content more appropriate to be used in the search engine results pages. You should remember that this course of action may take a week from when your internet site is re-indexed.

It is certainly the case that the boosted information will absolutely stand out from the numerous internet websites on the outcomes web pages and also provide better click-through rates. So if you have really not found rich snippets or integrated them on your website, you’re missing out on an outstanding possibility to produce extra all-natural website traffic. It is certainly the case that Structured Data Markup could boost SEO rankings for local company search and for products on an internet site.

Search engines wish to make it easier for people to see significant data online. From an SEO and a marketing perspective, taking advantage of Structured Data Markup with will help to enhance placements for a website.

Google has in fact supplied a tool for evaluating your website’s Structured Markup validating its value to online search engines:

Exactly how can Structured Data Markup resolve Problems

David Viniker is the director of ebn Woodford which is a business networking group in the Essex area. There is a website that mentions that this group meets near Loughton at the “Hallmark Prince Regent Hotel, Manor Road, Woodford Green, Essex IG8 8AE”.

It would absolutely appear to anyone reading this that this is the meeting point and not the address of the group or a property belonging to the group. This would be obvious to you however it is not so obvious to computer systems or the online search engine robotics that are evaluating the web. It is intriguing that the website for the Prince Regent Hotel does not have Structured Data Markup and therefore its postal address is not clear to the search engines.

As of March 2017, no higher than 1% of internet sites are utilizing Structured Data Markup. Some small business web designers or SEO service professionals might not know about it or might find that it is extremely difficult to utilize. Internet site owners however need to discover how to use it to increase their positions on the search engines.

There are some limits to the markup options supplied. For example, when you are examining markup for local services, a couple of internet developers have in reality stated that one of the best choices for them to define the work they do is Professional Services.

The simple selections provided are:

Professional Services

Professional Service

Accountancy Service




General Contractor

House Painter




Roofing Contractor

Radio Station

Real Estate Agent

This can be evaluated against accepted markup for accountants, lawyers, painters and also plumbers that have their own accepted markups.

A financial advisor in Chigwell in Essex for instance, who provides financial planning advice for retirement offering a wide range of financial vehicles, would need to use Professional Services as a markup although that does not directly describe the work of a financial advisor.


However there are other options for Schema markup that consists of Person, Item, Events and Organizations.

David Viniker assessed the top 10 internet search engine results for ‘Web Design London’ on and roughly 8 of the top 10 websites had Schema Markup.

Rich Snippets that help with SEO

Although you may have structured data markup on your website, this does not automatically lead to high online search engine placements, yet the much boosted click-through rates produced by a rich snippet are a substantial positioning signal for your website. Because of this, if the internet search engine result for your website is readily available with photos, video clips, ratings as well as other beneficial details, the click-through rate on your website’s online search engine result will definitely be far better than other sites that do not have structured data markup.

A loft conversion specialist in Essex could certainly take advantage of putting videos or images of their work on Velux roof conversions or Dormer extensions on their website to assist potential customers in seeing the quality of their work and if some of these pictures are in the rich snippet information this can lead to greater click-through rates.

Meta Tag content as well as Meta Summary content can be put in search engine results data yet it is the online search engines that determine exactly what they will show to the user. If you have actually established schemas for rich snippets, this practice is a lot more targeted. Bounce rates on the sites rise if a snippet suggests something that is not on the website. This could create a negative signal to the search spiders and also the site can experience a fall in ranking and a lowered dwell time. It is therefore very important to use the very best markup and schemas on your site. This will absolutely improve the click-through rate on your website’s search engine result and also ensure that the information shown in the rich snippet matches the information on your website.

If the website for an Essex synagogue has write ups about recent Purim festivities or Chanukah candle lighting and the rich snippet information shows things that have nothing to do with the website, then the bounce rate will be higher and the website will fall in the rankings.